Connection Test ATX
Connection Test ATX is a speed test that Austin residents can utilize via SpeedUp America’s platform. This tool surveys respondents via wireless and wireline connections to test their speed, both upload and download, and compares that result with the advertised speed they are paying for internet service. This data can be mapped to a census block using an HTML code, by entering an address or using a browser location, using gateway code.
This tool works in tandem with other community engagement initiatives to generate input to support Austin’s Legislative Agenda for the upcoming State Legislative Session this spring. It also helps City to advance an understanding of Austin community members' needs, and advances an opportunity for community engagement specific to digital access needs.

What's Next (Updated 1.14.21)

Currently, we are in the process of galvanizing community and technical support, with the next step of working with community hackers to develop a technical framework for coding the tool. As we continue to further this intiative, updates will be posted on this page.

1.13.21 CTTC Commission Meeting Presentation

Below is an introductory presentation for this initiative, including a SpeedUp America demonstration. The presentation was originally delivered by the City of Austin and SpeedUp America at the Community Technology & Telecommunications Commission on January 13, 2021.
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