Manage your content

Content governance

Who's your content crew? Documenting content governance clarifies accountability and responsibility but may involve a wide net of writers. Along with content owners and content managers, pinpoint someone who provides strategy, or who charts the course, for the content, someone who makes sure implementation happens, and someone who strengthens the content by keeping users' needs and behaviors clear and addressed.

Find your workflow

How is content planned, produced, published and governed?
Design workflows to show how your content "flows" through your organization while highlighting research, content creation, testing, evaluation, and training. Define and gain agreement on content ownership and roles.

Example flow outline:

Plan -> Create -> Revise -> Approve -> Test -> Publish

Follow these stages while considering:
    What tasks are required at each stage?
    Who should be responsible or involved, including residents, in each stage?
    How long does each stage take?
    What tools will support each stage?
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